Giovanni Cimabue

Cimabue Portrait of St Francis
Cimabue Portrait of St Francis

Cimabue [Italian pronunciation: [tʃimaˈbue]; (c. 1240–1302),[1] also known as Bencivieni di Pepo or in modern Italian, Benvenuto di Giuseppe, was a Florentine painter and creator of mosaics.

Cimabue is generally regarded as one of the first great Italian painters to break away from the Italo-Byzantine style, although he still relied on Byzantine models.[2] The art of this period comprised scenes and forms that appeared relatively flat and highly stylized. Cimabue was a pioneer in the move towards naturalism, as his figures were depicted with rather more lifelike proportions and shading. Even though he was a pioneer in that move, his Maestà paintings show Medieval techniques and characteristics.

According to Giorgio Vasari, he was the teacher of Giotto,[1] considered the first great artist of the Italian Renaissance.

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