Defining Beauty Exhibition, British Museum, London
Defining Beauty Exhibition, British Museum, London

Experience the brilliance and diversity of ancient Greek art in this major exhibition focusing on the human body.

For centuries the ancient Greeks experimented with ways of representing the human body, both as an object of beauty and a bearer of meaning.

The remarkable works of art in the exhibition range from abstract simplicity of prehistoric figurines to breathtaking realism in the age of Alexander the Great. These works continued to inspire artists for hundreds of years, giving form to thought and shaping our own perceptions of ourselves.

'The chief forms of beauty are order, symmetry and clear delineation’ – Aristotle

'In portraying ideal types of beauty... you bring together from many models the most beautiful features of each' – Socrates

Marble statue of a discus-thrower (discobolus) by Myron. Roman copy of a bronze Greek original of the 5th century BC.

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