Degas Dancers Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK
Degas Dancers Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK

Edgar Degas is one of Impressionism’s most popular artists and is best known for his depictions of ballet dancers in paintings, pastels and sculptures. This exhibition will present a new and dramatically revealing view of this subject which made Degas a worldwide household name. Through the use of innovative technology (including early photographs, some of which were taken by Degas himself) a new side of this well loved artist will emerge, which will show Degas’ deep engagement with dance and the shift from ballet to the general idea of movement of the figure through space.

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Using photography – both nineteenth century and contemporary – as well as film and computer simulation, the exhibition will seek to re-create the context that Degas worked in as well as explore his technical practise. Consisting of over 90 works from public and private collections in the USA and Europe, the exhibition is co-curated by Jill DeVonyar and Richard Kendall, in conjunction with Ann Dumas of the Royal Academy. It follows the hugely successful ‘Degas and the Dance’ held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2003.

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