Eugene Boudin Exhibition, Jacquemart Andre Museum, Paris
Eugene Boudin Exhibition, Jacquemart Andre Museum, Paris

The Jacquemart-André Museum is organising the first parisian retrospective since the end of the 19thcentury devoted to the painter Eugène Boudin. With the participation of major international museums,this gathering of some sixty paintings, watercolours, and drawings will introduce: "Eugène Boudin“.Eugène Boudin, “King of the skies"Known for his seascapes and beach scenes, Eugène Boudin (1824-1898) was one of the first French artists totake his easel outside the studio to paint landscapes. In his numerous paintings, he especially focused on therendering of elements and atmospheric effects. As such, he was one of the initiators of a renewed view ofnature, and thus preceded the impressionists in this approach, not to mention his friend Claude Monet,who wrote late in life: "I owe everythingto Boudin."Over the years, his palette became brighter and his touch lighter for a better rendition of reflections from thesky and water. From Normandy to Venice, which he discovered in his latter years, along with the beaches inthe North, Brittany, and the South, he painted landscapes in movement in a subtle harmony of colouredgreys. A genuine “King of the skies," Eugène Boudin perfected the art of transcribing such changing elementsas light, clouds, and waves.General director of the exhibition Laurent Manœuvre is gathering nearly sixty paintings, watercolours, anddrawings, thanks to loans from major international museums, portraying Eugène Boudin in his quest for light,from Honfleur to Venice, and paying a wonderful tribute to this artist so closely associated with the sea andits seascapes.An unprecedented exhibition with exceptional art on loanBoudin's work very quickly attracted the interest of American art lovers. From the 1880’s, he was amongstthe painters presented in the USA by the dealer Durand-Ruel. As a result, North American museums nowhold a bounty of works by the artist, the likes of which are not to be found in any other public collections inEurope. Thanks to loans provided namely by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the Museumof Fine Arts Boston, some of his works will be shown for the first time in France since they were purchasedby avant-garde American art aficionados.For this exhibition, the Jacquemart-André Museum also benefited from the help of the Museo ThyssenBornemisza, the Québec National Fine Arts Museum, and naturally the support of the André MalrauxModern Art Museum in Le Havre, not to mention the Eugène Boudin Museum in Honfleur, which has thelargest collectionof works by the artist in France.

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