Giovanni Battista Moroni (c.1520 -1570)
Giovanni Battista Moroni (c.1520 -1570)

In Autumn 2014, the Royal Academy of Arts will present the first comprehensive exhibition in the UK to showcase the works of the Bergamo artist Giovanni Battista Moroni. A contemporary of Titian, and one of the most important painters of the Northern Italian Renaissance, Moroni is widely regarded as one of the greatest portraitists of all time. His genius lay in his ability to capture both the exact likeness, character and inner life of his sitters with a rare penetrating insight. Depicting members of the society in which he lived, his portraits convey a humanity, particularly in his portrayal of the regular people of Bergamo of his day, and are remarkable for their vitality, directness and immediacy. The exhibition will present Moroni not only as a distinctive portraitist but also in his lesser-known role as a religious painter.

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