In the Shadow of the Pyramids

In the Shadow of the Pyramids11th November 2011 - 25th March 2012 Add to calendar
Exhibition, Glyptotek, Copenhagen
Exhibition, Glyptotek, Copenhagen

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen is opening a new special exhibition which puts the Father of Archaeology at centre stage and presents hitherto unknown connections between discoveries from tombs, temples and cities in  gypt. "isitors will have the chance to come along on excavations #$n the %hadow of the &yramids' from 11thNovember 2011. The Father of Archaeology The exhibition #$n the %hadow of the &yramids' tells the story of how the British archaeologist and  gyptologist Flinders &etrie worked in  gypt. &etrie noted carefully where he found everything from pottery to mummies, and he drew and recorded the details of his discoveries. This method was followed by succeeding generations of archaeologists, and for this reason &etrie is known as the Father of Archaeology. &etrie’s excavations were supported by museums and other institutions from  urope to America. One of the greatest sponsors 100 years ago was the Ny Carlsberg Foundation which handed over the finds to the Glyptotek. Because of this the museum possesses today more than 200 of &etrie’s finest discoveries. &etrie distributed his finds according to strict agreements with the  gyptian state. First the  gyptian Museum in Cairo received the objects which were unique. Thereafter &etrie was free to share out the remaining finds among his various sponsors. Pieces in a Jigsaw The exhibition will present a number of fragments of walls and statues brought back by &etrie to the Glyptotek. The public will be able to see them here in their original contexts. Completely new reconstructions of tomb and temple walls and statues bring the visitors closer to &etrie’s discoveries and to life in the shadow of the pyramids. The exhibition will run from 11th November 2011 to 25th March 2012. About the Museum The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is a museum which was founded in the 1880s by the brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen. $ts holdings number some 10,000 works from a period of 6000 years. These include one of the world’s finest collections of  gyptian art, the Nordic countries’ largest collection of ancient sculpture and Denmark’s largest collection of $mpressionist paintings.

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