Jeff Koons Exhibition, Pompidou Paris
Jeff Koons Exhibition, Pompidou Paris

In partnership with New York's Whitney Museumof American Art, the Centre Pompidou presents the firstmajor retrospective in Europe devoted to the workof Jeff Koons: the first to show the full extent of the Americanartist's work from 1979 to the present day.The retrospective is made up of sculptures and paintingsfrom all over the world, and its chronological circuithighlights the various cycles in the artist's work, fromthe first pieces conceived in a vein inherited from Pop Artto present-day works dialoguing with the history of art.Together with a preview presentation of new worksby the American artist, the exhibition also featureshis best-known works – now some of the most celebrated"icons" of present-day art – including Rabbit (1986),Michael Jackson and Bubbles (1988), Balloon Dog (1994-2000)and the series of aquariums in Equilibrium (1985).Jeff Koons has become one of the best-known importantcontemporary artists while remaining one of the mostcontroversial. For 35 years he has been exploring newapproaches to the "readymade" and appropriation,flirting with the borderland between elitist and massculture, pushing out the limits of industrial production,and changing artists' relationship with the cult of celebrityand the rules of the market.

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