Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, Queen's Gallery, Edinburgh
Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, Queen's Gallery, Edinburgh

Long recognised as one of the great artists of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci was also a pioneer in the understanding of human anatomy. Had his ground-breaking work been published, it would have transformed European knowledge of the subject.

This exhibition focuses on Leonardo’s anatomical investigations during the winter of 1510-11, when he carried out some 20 autopsies at the University of Pavia in collaboration with the professor of anatomy, Marcantonio della Torre. His resulting studies are recorded in the ‘Anatomical Manuscript A’, in which he illustrates almost every bone in the human body and many of the major muscle groups.

On this series of 18 sheets, mostly double sided, Leonardo crammed over 240 individual drawings of astounding clarity and notes running to more than 13,000 words in his distinctive mirror-writing.

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