Mamoths: Ice Age Giants Exhibition
Mamoths: Ice Age Giants Exhibition

Mammoths great and small

Explore some of the best-known species, including the infamous woolly mammoth, the spiral-tusked Columbian mammoth and their island-dwelling relative, the dwarf mammoth.

Discover prehistoric giants such as the mastodon, the fearsome sabre-tooth cat and the giant short-faced bear. Explore their behaviour and environment and how they evolved.

Mammoth challenges

Imagine life as a mammoth. Test your skill at tusk jousting, trunk swinging and feel the weight of food these beasts consumed every day - equivalent to 230 bags of sugar.

'Rare glimpse of original skeletons'

Museum mammoth expert Professor Adrian Lister, introduces the exhibition:

'These amazing creatures were not only giants of the Ice Age, but the science behind their incredible lives is still relevant to the natural world today.'

This exhibition was created by The Field Museum, Chicago.

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