Marvellous Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

Marvellous Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, Hong Kong Science Museum
Marvellous Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, Hong Kong Science Museum

Leonardo da Vinci was a master artist during Renaissance in Europe. He was not only one of the greatest artists creating numerous renowned paintings, but also perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. He demonstrated a strong interest in war machines, architecture, anatomy, flight, hydraulics, civil engineering and other scientific studies. He has infinite creativity and imagination, and was able to observe and record every experiment and phenomenon precisely. He was left-handed with writing from right to left and his characteristics hand-writing could only be read through mirror reflection. After his death, he left a lot of manuscripts that were difficult to read and understand. Only till the 17th Century, there were scholars to collect and mange his manuscripts systematically for allowing people to unveil the unprecedented imagination of the genius. If the scientific and theoretical studies of Leonardo had been made publicized at that time, his achievements in science might have preceded that in art!

The "Marvelous Machines of Leonardo da Vinci" exhibition displays more than 80 exhibits that depict the legendary life of Leonardo, his ingenious creativity and his brilliance in science. These exhibits include more than 50 interactive mechanic models reconstructed from the drawings and notes contained in the codices of Leonardo. They are divided into 4 diverse fields including war machines, flight, hydraulics and civil machines, each one of them are designed exquisitely with outstanding workmanship. They are developed by the professional artisans of Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in collaboration with leading academics in Italy after years of studies. The exhibition also includes replicas of the codices, video on the life of Leonardo, computer programmes of animations of the models, and 16 full scale replicas of most famous paintings, including two of the most famous paintings in western art, The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Visitors will be able to explore the thoughts and inspiration of the master thinker from his ingenuous works.

Exhibition period: 8.10.2010 - 9.2.2011

Venue: Special Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum

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