Munch Nudes: Paintings, Prints and Drawings

Nude, Sitting on the Couch, 1921, Munch, Munch Museum, Oslo, NorwayCleopatra and Slace, 1916, Munch, Munch Museum, Oslo, NorwayModel by the Wicker Chair, 1919, Munch, Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway
Nude, Sitting on the Couch, 1921, Munch, Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

This special exhibition will concentrate on Munch's nudes in his paintings, graphic prints and drawings from the turn of the century to the 1920s. As early as 1895 Munch stated that "woman is a beautiful creature; I think I will just paint women". He produced realtively few nudes before the end of the century, but they became one of the artist's favourite motifs from about 1910 and well into the 1920s. They mainly depict women (but also the occational men) in various settings. Other paintings show women in a particular mood as in Weeping Nude, a motif Munch picks up at several points during his career. An interesting picture at the exhibition is the painting Cleopatra and the Slave which Munch displayed as two pictures at the Blomqvist exhibition in Oslo in 1918, but which he rejoined as one painting at an exhibition in the same location three years later. The somewhat controversial motif with erotic undertones of a reclining woman and a standing, nude black man drew caustic reviews at the time.


Accompaying the autumn exhibition of nudes will be a chronological presentation of Munch's main works. The exhibition will present both popular works such as The Scream, Madonna, Red Virginia Creeper, The Voice and Separation as well as paintings that are not often shown, including the full-length portrait of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and of his sister Elisabeth.

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