Picasso Masterpieces, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Picasso Masterpieces, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Art was Picasso’s destiny. He could draw before he could talk, painted like an old master while still a teenager, and by age 30 he had taken Paris – the centre of the art world – by storm. Ceaselessly prolific, he devoured influences and created innovation after innovation, inventing new styles that forever changed the course of modern art. He was a genius and he knew it. Intense and passionate, he bucked authority at every turn, determined to carve out his own path to becoming the world’s greatest artist. Ultimately, every Picasso artwork is about Picasso – the works reveal his unique vision of the world and embody his profound responses to it. They lay bare the beauty and anxieties of his time, the horrors of war, as well as his personal passions, desires and fears.

This exhibition offers a rare perspective on the life and work of this iconic artist: his own. It features works from Picasso’s private collection, now in the holdings of the Musée National Picasso in Paris. Over a career of more than seventy years, these are the works he kept with the intent of shaping his own artistic legacy.

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