Psychoanalysis: The Unconscious in Everyday Life

Psychoanalysis Exhibition, Science Museum, London
Psychoanalysis Exhibition, Science Museum, London

Explore the workings of the unconscious mind through a range of modern and historical objects and contemporary artworks.

The unconscious pervades every aspect of our lives - it shapes concealed conflicts and repressed desires. This exhibition brings some of its unexpected manifestations to light through historical and contemporary artefacts.

Visitors take on a key role as they are invited tease out hidden associations and unconscious meanings, some of which are also unravelled by the voices of leading psychoanalysts.

The exhibition features a wealth of artefacts from collections at the Science Museum, the Wellcome Library and the Freud Museum, and artworks inspired by psychoanalytical ideas by leading artists Arnold Dreyblatt, Mona Hatoum, Joseph Kosuth, Grayson Perry,Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Carlo Zanni, Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, Kristian de la Riva, Amelie von Harrach and Damian Le Sueur.

Exhibition highlights

• A selection of Freud’s personal collection of Ancient Greek and Roman antiquities which surrounded the psychoanalyst in his consulting room

• A selection of drawings from one of Melanie Klein’s most famous case studies, which have never been on public display before

• Bodily casts from the Science Museum object stores

• A rich array of everyday things old and new, including fashionable stiletto shoes, a digital camera and disturbing cutting implements.

There is also a programme of related events at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Caterina Albano, Artakt, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London.

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