Roads to Arabia - Archaeological Treasures from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The study of archaeological remains only really began in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s, yet brought a wealth of unsuspected treasures to light: temples, palaces adorned with frescoes, monumental sculptures, silver dishes and precious jewellery left in tombs.The exhibition provides both chronological and geographical information about the discoveries made during recent excavations and emphasizes the important role played by this region, in Antiquity, as a trading centre. Over 300 works are on display, dating from Antiquity to the beginning of the modern period (sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, frescoes), the majority of which have never before been seen by the public. These pieces reveal an original and dynamic civilization, which, in spite of the extreme natural conditions, took advantage of the country’s geographical position, at the crossroads of trade routes linking the lands along the shoreline of the Indian Ocean and Africa with Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean world.

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