Roy Hodrien Exhibition, Panter & Hall, London, UK
Roy Hodrien Exhibition, Panter & Hall, London, UK

Born in 1957 on the Wirral, Roy Hodrien began his career in advertising and illustration. The latter led to many commissions for animal portraits. This was his first taste of painting in oils and this in turn led to a lifelong dedication to mastering the medium.

During the 1980s he began to take great interest in the work of the accepted masters of still life painting, De Heem, Chardin, Duffield, and Preyer et al.

Working on canvas at first, Roy soon realised that, to achieve the finest quality, wooden panels were the best option. He prepares them expertly, combining traditional materials with a contemporary approach to the genre.

Having selected sumptuous and desirable objects, he spends many hours meticulously arranging compositions to achieve flow and balance.

An exhibitor in London for over 20 years, Roy has had two successful shows with Panter & Hall and views this collection as the culmination of 30 years of dedication.

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