Kama Sutra ExhibitionKama Sutra ExhibitionKama Sutra Exhibition
Kama Sutra Exhibition

For its Autumn-Winter season 2014-2015, the Pinacothèque de Paris will put on an unusual exhibition: The Kama-Sutra : spirituality and erotism in Indian art.

Attributed to a Brahman who might have written it in the 4th century of our era, the Kama-Sutra makes up one of the major texts of medieval Hinduism and is not a pornographic book, as it is often described in the Western world. It is divided up into seven sections (adhikarana): society and social concepts, sexual union, as regards the spouse, as regards extra-marital relationships, as regards courtesans, as regards the arts of seduction.

Around 330 outstanding works including those of Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, maharana of Udaipur and the remarkable collection of Beroze and Michel Sabatier - sculptures, paintings, miniatures, objects of daily life, “pillow books”, illustrated works that were offered to the newlyweds until the 19th century, in order to give them an erotic education-, organized according to the seven sections of the Kama-Sutra, will be exhibited in the Pinacothèque de Paris.

The exhibition, unadvised for minors, will explain the erotic aesthetics specific to the erotic aesthetics of Indian cultural life and to Hinduism. It will also attempt to understand why the Western world casts such a deformed look on that very unusual book.

Exhibition curators: Dr Alka Pande and Mr Marc Restellini, director of the Pinacothèque de Paris


The exhibition The Kama-Sutra: spirituality and erotism in Indian art shows works that might shock certain viewers. it is not advisable to the younger visitors.

Visitors information

An audio guide will be offered to individual visitors for the exhibition The Kama-Sutra : spirituality and erotism in Indian art. It presents a general introduction to the Kâma-Sûtra and commentaries on a selection of exhibited works.

The audio guide is available in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese

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