Group of Seven Exhibition, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
Group of Seven Exhibition, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

In the early twentieth century in Toronto, Canada, the first stirrings of a new movement of painting were being felt. A group of artists started to engage with the awesome Canadian wilderness, a landscape previously considered too wild and untamed to inspire ‘true’ art. Tom Thomson paved the way for this artistic collective, the Group of Seven, and their works have become revered in Canada. This exhibition will reintroduce their stunning impressions of the Canadian landscape to the British public for the first time since the 1920s

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Image of Beverley Cairns

We are very happy that these remarkable artists of our wilderness and out villages have arrived on the international scene. There is no doubt of their value in interpreting Canada to the world. Reproductions cannot impact the viewer as do the originals and even the sketches made by the group of Seven.

Image of Susan

It would be wonderful to see this exhibition in Canada!

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