Tutankhamun Exhibition, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Australia
Tutankhamun Exhibition, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Australia

The Tutankhamun exhibition comes to Australia for the first time.

Revel in the splendour of Ancient Egypt as you view a dazzling array of possessions unearthed from the boy king’s tomb. See Tutankhamun’s golden canopic coffinette and the crown found on his head when the tomb was discovered. Learn about the extraordinary discovery of the tomb and the belief and burial processes of ancient Egypt. View results from the latest scientific testing conducted on Tutankhamun’s mummy and what it is telling researchers about his life and death.

The exhibition has drawn over seven million visitors in the United States and Europe in the past five years.

Melbourne Museum is the only Australian venue to host the exhibition.

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Step back in time & explore an amazing exhibition, mystery, beauty, 10 rooms, 130 artifacts, & a great atmosphere created using dim lights, perfect display cases, props & music.
Adds using a face of an exquisite Coffinette (displayed) lead some to believe Tut's Mask or Sarcophagus are here.
Don't be sidetracked by this, as the title Tutankhamun AND the golden age.. etc suggests, it is not soley a Tut event.
Must see Mummy Room, seperate location, showcases DNA discoveries & precise replica of Tut's mummy.
Unimaginable organisation behind the scenes, I feel fortunate to see this here in Australia.
Recommended - Pre book tickets, 3D Film, and the Audio Tour.
If interested in history, the exhibition will not disappoint

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