Peggy Guggenheim Collection

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The collection includes masterpieces of Cubism, Futurism, Metaphysical painting, European abstraction, Surrealism, and American Abstract Expressionism. Among the artists represented are also: Picasso (The Poet, On the Beach), Braque, Duchamp (Sad Young Man on a Train), Léger, Brancusi (Maiastra, Bird in Space), Severini, Balla, Delaunay, Kupka, Picabia (Very Rare Picture on Earth), Mondrian, Kandinsky (Landscape with Red Spots, No. 2), Arp, Miró (Seated Woman II), Giacometti (Woman Walking), Klee (Magic Garden), Ernst, Magritte (Empire of Light), Dalí, Pollock (The Moon Woman, Alchemy), Rothko, Calder, Moore and Marini.

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