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Shelter  (The Craftsman’s Body)
Shelter (The Craftsman’s Body). Photo by Rakhi Peswani

The Guild founded in 1997, specializes in Indian contemporary art and has an active program that foregrounds conceptual rigor and formal experimentation as intersecting modes of inquiry. Artist/curator conversations, lectures and a variety of other artistic projects are set up to share the expanded territories for art, knowledge and creativity. Working to advance the careers of represented artists by presenting their works in biennials and other institutional contexts, the gallery continues to pick and nurture young emerging talents. The artists represented by the gallery have exhibited widely in museums and institutional contexts and have been regularly included in international exhibitions. The Guild is active in publishing and has published over 50 catalogues and 7 major volumes on artists. The gallery has expanded its program to include representing international artists and to present curated international exhibitions.

The Guild Art Gallery is delighted to present Anatomy of Silence’, the third solo exhibition of Rakhi Peswani with The Guild, the second being at ART HK, in a solo presentation in 2011. January 11 - March 7, 2013.

“The show excavates the body in the handmade through the now crucial trope of its displacement and near demise. The relationship between laborious work and a craftsman’s body is explored and seen vis-a-vis the situation of the handmade today.

Developing further from her earlier works [Matters under the Skin (2011), Intertwinings (2009)] and a sustained engagement with the psychological dimensions of Thinking through Craft, these works assess the particular zones of stability and comfort, and attempt to re-present the inherent character latent within such spaces. The relationship between hand crafts and the status of the maker in urban society is explored in Anatomy of Silence.

‘Silence’, in its narrow sense is seen as a state of being mute or silent, an aspect that is integral to the languages of painting, sculpture and object making. The work of art, or the cultural object, in this context, holds a ‘mute’ relationship with the society it survives in. In this sense, object making as a form of art is essentially a language that deals with this aspect of silence and initiates a discourse from there.

“In its broader usage, Silence refers to the state of being in oblivion or silenced through omission or non-mention. In this sense, the show explores certain trajectories through the choices of materials and processes that become mute reminders of certain segments of our society that seem to be at neglect. Materiality becomes a quiet reminder and is juxtaposed with textual and visual quotations, bringing the critical nature of art and literature closer to the spatial field of the viewer; to locate a close relationship between process based practices and literature. Literary thought is transported into architectural spaces, inhabiting the physical reality of the viewer. Spaces of stability and comfort- a house/home/room/bed are deconstructed and re-presented as replete with other forms of temporal and ephemeral intensities. Subtractive and additive processes are juxtaposed with spatial languages of intimacy and immersion to understand other relationships that stability and comfort ought to have. These processes hold themselves as metaphors to understand the qualities of destruction and restoration that are intrinsic to craft practices, which are otherwise seen as fixed and timeless in their skills and expressions. Fiber, fabric, literature and spatial languages become dissecting tools to disclose the reticence of the handmade today.”

Rakhi Peswani.
January 2013,

Peswani received the Inlaks Scholarship for the UNIDEE in residence at Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto in 2006; Artists’ residency at Sanskriti Kendra, Sanskrithi Pratishthan, New Delhi in 2007 and PEERS-2003’ residency invitation from KHOJ, New Delhi. Rakhi was invited for a residency in The Hague, where she showed Bodies / Subterrain (Eurydice & Sita), at Vrije Academie in 2011. Her recent solo exhibitions include Matters Under the Skin 2011’, Art HK – Asia One, Hong Kong, presented by The Guild, Mumbai; Intertwinings, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi and Sonnet for Silent Machines, at Jehangir Nicholson Gallery and The Guild, Mumbai. Rakhi has participated in several select exhibitions including Art Stage Singapore 2011, I think therefore graffiti…, presented by The Guild, Mumbai; Reverie, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai; A New Vanguard: Trends in Contemporary Indian Art, Saffronart, New York; The Ego, The Persona, The Shadow and The Wise Old Man (or was it The Great Mother?) by The Guild, New York; Analytical Engine, Bose Pacia, Kolkata and Gallery Seven Art Ltd, New Delhi. Peswani’s participation in Museum shows include - Bring Me A Lion: An Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art, The Hunt Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri; Potters in Peril, at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai; Generation in Transition. New Art from India at Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland and Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania. She is part of the upcoming show ‘Zones of Contact’ at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, in New Delhi.

Peswani had been teaching Visual arts at the Sarojini Naidu School of Fine arts and Communication Hyderabad Central University since last eight year, She recently joined as a faculty at Srishti School of Art Design Technology in Bangalore.

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