Convinced that we are now in a post-photographic age in which digital technology offers an infinite number of ways to manipulate and represent the world we live in, Xpo Gallery mission is to try to comment on this new era of comparison, overlays, references where veracity and reality gives way to the efficiency of the digital. It is thus only logical that Xpo Gallery a young gallery should settle into the same vibrant, cosmopolitan neighborhood as the renowned Gaîté Lyrique. The gallery supports and defends hard worker and international artists, born at the end of the last century, during the digital revolution. Xpo Gallery gives priority to those artists who question human nature as it faces deep underlying changes, organizing exhibitions and participating to international contemporary art fairs. The objective of the gallery is to build long-term relationships with artists, working with them as they mature in their artistic reflection and develop their expertise.

xpo gallery mixes a program featuring artists it represents with invitations to curators

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Wednesday to Saturday


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17 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
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